"the ultimate sampled acoustic drum kit ... awesome stuff ... " - awarded 9/10, Computer Music.

NDK is now available online. Formerly known as ns_kit7 , NDK is a multi-gigabyte single-strike drum and cymbal sample library with highly extensive velocity layering and articulation options, allowing for the ultimate in realism and performance. You can order NDK as an Internet download from our order page.


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  NDK Natural drum kit internet download for MS-Windows and Linux: $99 USD

  ND Congas internet download $39 USD

 We also accept Paypal. Email us to receive a Paypal invoice. Thank You!


Thanks to... Douglas Whates from naturalstudio.co.uk for creating the ns_kit7 drum samples library, all samples in NDK and ND Congas originate from ns_kit7.

Jamie Flanagan, for providing a killer set of drums, cymbals and percussion and not least for performing all the NDK (ns_kit7) samples!

Everyone who made NDK free presets.